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Facebook Places, SXSW and foursquare – oh my!

by on Aug.24, 2010, under Location-Based Services

In case you haven’t heard, it’s SXSW panel voting season. This year (thanks to Monica Wright‘s encouragement) I’ve submitted a panel that combines three of my favorite subjects, SXSW (My trip there this year blew me away!), foursquare (you know I’m addicted!) and Foursquare Day (zomg you didn’t know I was all up in that?). […]

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Zen and the art of foursquare analytics

by on Jul.07, 2010, under Location-Based Services

Today has been a foursquare kinda day for me (not foursquare day, that’s different). Today I wore my, cherished, favorite foursquare shirt (that I won at SXSWi by literally playing foursquare on the street with the foursquare team), I got to register a new venue on foursquare as well as log 5 check ins (including checking […]

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Why I switched from Mozy to Crashplan for backup

by on May.22, 2010, under Software

On the twitters I really enjoy talking tech. I often tweet with others about online backup software and my experience with Crashplan. I’m writing this blog post to link to in tweets like that in the future. I want to preface this by saying that Mozy is a great organization, has a great team, stellar […]

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Google Buzz got it right: Why I’m addicted to Foursquare

by on Feb.14, 2010, under Location-Based Services

I first heard of Foursquare from my usual news-source: Twitter. I think it started showing up in my stream over the summer last year when I first started to us the services from for my website. I downloaded it, played with it, but wasn’t in one of the covered cities so I didn’t think […]

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The effort to save the airplane that saved people it carried from the hudson

by on Jan.23, 2010, under Technology

Just a quick post to share this video I spied on Mashable via Laughing Squid. I really like the video’s closing – paying tribute to the Airbus A320 and how it stood up to the test and performed when it needed to. Something else to celebrate- another hero of the Hudson. Posted on [Time-lapse […]

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STS-129 #NASATweetUp Pics

by on Nov.16, 2009, under Social Media

My father was at the cape covering the shuttle launch today and shared some pics of the scene from the #NASATweetUp from AFTER the TweetUp that he took while he was there- he sent them to me to share with you! Enjoy!

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Finally, a new wordpress blog is born. MINE!

by on Oct.21, 2009, under Meta Posts

There will be the predictable, mandatory “first post” soon. More needs to be said beyond my mini-rant about the technology stone age blog title. But, after living with Blogger for nearly 10 years, I’ve just now finally got WordPress into a shape of my liking. Thanks especially to this guide and this blog (whatup @cherylharrison!) […]

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This is the technology stone age. It really is.

by on Oct.09, 2009, under Technology

This technology that we’ve got today is amazing, but it’s still not good enough. Despite that I love it, but we must remember – we are not yet at Star Trek level. These things should just WORK. We shouldn’t have to deal with crashes, or incompatibilities, or whatever. We live in the technology stone age. […]

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