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FIRST POST!!!!111oonneeeeee

by on Oct.29, 2009, under Meta Posts

I love the internet. Seriously I do. Am I supposed to capitalize I in internet? I don’t do it. I realize I really should, but I don’t. Also- this isn’t technically the first post in this blog, so I kindof just owned myself. Yeah. ANNNYWAYS, I just wanted to deliver on my last post where I said there would be the mandatory first post. Well, I realized that the first post that really counts is the about me section, which I’ve got a pretty nice start to, and will complete (and then) evolve over time. So please check that out if you want a true, formal introduction to why I’m here talking to you now and beyond that lets start with the fun times and awesome discussion about the internet, technology and how we can use it to make our lives easier and have more fun!

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Finally, a new wordpress blog is born. MINE!

by on Oct.21, 2009, under Meta Posts

There will be the predictable, mandatory “first post” soon. More needs to be said beyond my mini-rant about the technology stone age blog title. But, after living with Blogger for nearly 10 years, I’ve just now finally got WordPress into a shape of my liking. Thanks especially to this guide and this blog (whatup @cherylharrison!) for inspiration. Still lots of work to do though before I start making noise about this thing.

So if you’ve already found this then awesome, please say HAI in the comments- but know that more is to come :)

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