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Portsmouth, NH #MozCation By The Numbers #03801moz

by on Jul.25, 2012, under Social Media

SEOMoz, an excellent Search Engine Optimization (SEO) resource, is having a contest for cities. The winning city will get a meetup/visit from the SEOMoz crew. A variety of factors will be used to determine a winner but basically it comes down to convincing SEOMoz that your city is the best one for them to come visit. It’s a great opportunity to make a name for your city online. I am helping, along with dozens of others, to get Portsmouth, NH noticed by SEOMoz and hopefully selected as the winning city.

Why is Portsmouth a great city to be selected? Let’s talk numbers for a moment. Take a look at the charts and graphs below. They provide a picture of MozCation-related social media activity from all the cities across the world involved in the contest. As you can see, thanks to a strong community effort, Portsmouth is very well represented in these world-wide charts. I think it’s remarkable and certainly SEOMoz worthy!

Ready for more reasons why? Here’s some qualitative reasons and to close the deal be sure not to miss this killer video on why Portsmouth, NH is a great city for Mozcation!

#1 – The Archivist’s Top Users by Tweet Count for #MozCation [source]. (arrows in red indicate Portsmouth Twitter users) EDIT: I need to add an arrow next to @HarborGuide on there!

#2 – Tag Cloud from Radian6 over the last 30 days for the term #MozCation. (arrows in red indicate Portsmouth related content)

#3 – Media posts by view count graph from Radian6 over the last 30 days for posts with the term #MozCation. (arrows in red indicate Portsmouth related content)

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